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  • The tragedy of 257 deaths

    Wreckage in Algeria, Algiers.
    Wreckage in Algeria, Algiers.

    Chelsea Wu (9) STAFF REPORTER

    On Wednesday, April 11th, an unfortunate accident happened in Algeria, Algiers, where the Algerian military plane crashed into a field that killed at least 257 people – the worst plane crash in North America.Read the rest

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  • St. Robert’s Inside Ride 2018

    inside-ride-2015-1.jpeg (1)
    Students at the Inside Ride event.
    Students at the Inside Ride event.


    On March 7, 2018, over 250 St.Robert students and staff members participated in the first Inside Ride event in the large gym. The Inside Ride is Canada’s first indoor cycling challenge and fundraising event dedicated to raising money in support of children with cancer and their families.… Read the rest

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  • Better public speaking

         public speaking


    A large audience is often the cause of fear when pubic-speaking.

    Public speaking is a crucial skill for people of all ages as it is often used for school assessments or within their professional career life, yet, many people within the 21st century seem to struggle with this critical expertise.Read the rest

  • Creative Writing
  • Open Window


    Mahraeel Tadros (11) CREATIVE WRITER

    My roommate chose the moment the bird left to awaken.

    “Did you hear that train whistle? I just had the weirdest dr-” she suddenly sat up as if startled by my appearance. “Sam. Are you alright?… Read the rest

  • Creative Writing
  • Fall


    Mahraeel Tadros (11) CREATIVE WRITER



    I jolted awake in bed. My heart racing off-beat. A quick glance at Megan’s bed told me all I needed to know. It must have only been a rotten dream, I told myself.Read the rest

  • Entertainment
  • Drake Gives Away $1 Million in “God’s Plan” Music Video!

    newspaper gods plan

    Wednesday, February 21, 2018

    STAFF REPORTER – Ashmitha Gnanapragasam (9)

    On February 16th, 2018 Canadian rapper/singer, Drake, released the music video for his new hit single,”God’s Plan”; a of him giving away $996,631 to people on the streets of Florida.

    As stated in the beginning of the music video, Drake’s team was given $996,631 by the label to create a spectacular video for the song, “God’s Plan”.… Read the rest

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  • CBS Speaks Up


    Thursday, March 1, 2018

    STAFF REPORTER – Dena Salehipour (11)

    The American television network, CBS announced that it is launching a campaign to advance the careers of female CBS employees called “Eye Speak” on March 14.

    The network has been trying to take on diversity casting initiatives since 2016 to include more women and minorities in television series after receiving criticism when it announced a slate of new shows all led by white male actors.… Read the rest