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  • Female Hockey Players Prove Their Value

    Kelsie Koelzer                                              Sarah Nurse


    Women rights, gender equality, and feminism are all different terms to say women need to have a say in society ;the female national hockey team is proving just that.

    In June, 2016, Kelsie Koelzer from Princeton hockey team was selected to join National Women’s Hockey League.Read the rest

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  • Steve Harvey and His Downfall (Donna Lee, grade 11)

    Donna Lee (11)

    Family Feud host Steve Harvey hired high profile crisis control expert Judy Smith after meeting with President Donald Trump.

    After Trump’s sexist remarks and recent implementation of the Muslim ban, many fans were outraged at this interaction.

    Harvey went on to explain his decisions on Twitter, claiming he felt President Trump had genuine intentions to make a difference after their surprise meeting.… Read the rest

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  • Once Again, the Bill Goes Up

    Our bills just seem to keep rising and rising, and this time, it’s the water and garbage bills.

    Image result for garbage pickup
    The price of garbage pickup rates increase for upcoming year.


    For 2017, Toronto city staff is recommending residents pay 5 more cents for water and 3.9 more cents for garbage pickup.… Read the rest

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  • Mr. Wonderful’s not so wonderful decision to run for Conservative leader


    Kevin O’Leary


    “The nation of Canada announced today that it is officially beginning work on a remake of a very unpopular American horror/drama where an entitled male reality television show character with dangerously high blood pressure suddenly decides he’d like to run for the highest office in his country for no other reason than to amass more personal wealth and status,” a CBC comedy article read earlier this week after Kevin O’Leary entered the Conservative Leadership race.… Read the rest

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  • 1,400 Canadians Gone Each Year

    Canada’s economy made up of immigrants are ordered to be removed for residency non-compliance.

    Canadian citizenship and immigration centre

    Maggie Qu (11) STAFF REPORTER

    Each year, around 1,400 Canadian immigrants are cut off at the border and ordered removed from the country for failing to fulfill their residency obligations.… Read the rest