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  • University Exit Exam

    Many people have said “who cares about your marks in university? They only look at the certificate anyway!” However, even if employers are able to see the marks, they may not be accurate representations of students’ ability. Every university has different difficulty expectations so some universities have begun to add a new exam that is written before entering university and after you graduate.… Read the rest

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  • Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

    The second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was a very intense discussion  to watch. But if one pays attention to their conversation, they can find some errors in their methods and strategies for debate. Most of the time Trump was avoiding, dodging questions and changing subjects, mostly related to ISIS and talking badly about Hillary.… Read the rest

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  • Addressing and Closing the Canadian Pay Gap



    It has been 98 years since Canadian women were first given the opportunity to vote in a federal election, 31 years since the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteed sexual equality under federal law, and 29 years since the Ontario government passed the Pay Equality Act (a provincial government statue to enforce wage equality for females).… Read the rest

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  • Is Winter truly gone for good?

    From snow to sunshine, Toronto has seen very drastic weather this April.  April is typically a month where we expect to see the beautiful, shining sun or adorable birds flying around. However, what we actually saw this month was snow. According to the CBC, Toronto received more snow in April than any other Winter month.… Read the rest