The Reality of Ray Rice


On February 15, former Baltimore Raven football player Ray Rice was arrested due to charges of simple assault against his wife, Janay Rice. It was not until February 19 that everyone would set their eyes upon the heartless, crude, and vile act that took place in the elevator of Revel Casino, Atlantic City.  For the wife of the criminal, this was a horrible situation.  It not only embarrassed Ray Rice but also humiliated Janay’s friends, family, and most importantly, her dignity.  No person, male or female,  should have to go through the pain of domestic abuse. In any circumstance, harming a person is wrong, and there should be a hefty penalty to pay.

However, many articles concerning this scandal seem to prioritize Ray Rice’s suspension and arrest more than anything else. Very little is said about Janay Rice.   It’s as if the media prefers preying on Ray Rice’s punishment rather than focusing on the real issue. Unfortunately, because of his wealth, fortune, and fame, magazine tabloids want to scrutinize him and his  career all the more so. In their perspective, the more they gossip about Ray Rice’s suspension, the more society will be entertained. The more entertainment there is, the bigger the profit.

However, the issue here is not about one losing privileges to play in the next Super Bowl, it’s about human rights. Abuse is not something to be taken lightly or glamourized. It is a real-life conflict that many people have gone through. However, all too often,  victims aren’t given a voice when they should be the ones most deserving to speak their mind.  It bewilders me that someone with as high a status as Rihanna has such public forum to speak freely, yet people like Janay receives no such compensation. Is it that hard to allow a normal person to speak the truth?  This is a scar that she’s going to have to carry for the rest of her life, however instead of receiving sympathy, Janay was attacked by numerous strangers constantly demeaning her.  Judging from these reports, it’s as if everyone has turned on her, including her friends and maybe even her family.  However, no one understands the tears she cried, therefore, it’s wrong to judge.

Overall, it’s not just females who deserve support when facing a similar situation –  anyone can go through this struggle. However, rather than positively assessing the issue, the media seems to be enjoying the circus ride. Janay deserves peace, and as for Ray Rice, suspension is not a punishment suitable enough for his crime. Losing his reputation and wealth might be torturous, but losing love is the worst kind of karma yet. Ray Rice had better count his blessings before it’s too late!