WHAT DO YOU MEAN you haven’t heard the Biebs new album?


What do you mean you haven’t heard Justin Bieber’s new album?! I’m sorry but you should really give it a listen.  Mark my words you won’t regret it.  EVERYBODY has been talking about Justin Bieber’s new album “purpose”.  The incredible come-back by the teen heart-throb, Justin Bieber was like no other and left many people that were once just “regular” people are now known as Belieber’s. YES!

Bieber’s new album includes many different genres of music, including: R&B, acoustic, pop, and house. With all these various types of genres its incredible to say that even my father has been enjoying Justin’s new music.  Who would have thought?!

Bieber’s new album was debuted number one on the billboard 200 chart and selling 522,000 in its first week release! The Biebs really had proved himself after a tough year of DUI’s, house egging, and hanging around the wrong crowd.

As a way of celebrating his new album, Bieber played an acoustic concert at the Danforth Music Hall on December 7th… and as always, it sold out within seconds. You’ve done it again Biebs


With that being said, here’s “Love Yourself” sung acoustically By Justin on the Ellen show recently.