And the crowd goes wild!

Girls Hockey

Just a while back St. Robert was congratulating the lady Rams for being back on ice and winning their first game of the season. As the season came to an end this past week, the ladies were granted fourth place in the YRAA tier 2 south division.

Though there were many spirited teams throughout the league, the lady Rams pulled through scoring a total of 34 goals this season; that’s good for 3rd overall in the south loop. Unfortunately, the goals only accounted for 1 win, 2 ties, and 5 losses. “It’s not always about winning, sometimes losing teaches a lot more than winning.” -Lyrikal

Alas, we still congratulate the lady Rams as they overcame obstacles along the way and grew into a tight-knit family. Despite not having a goalie, Grace C(12) and Victoria C(10) volunteered giving it their all allowing the team to succeed. We take the time to congratulate Christina C(12) for not only helping lead the team to victory, but for scoring a personal best 26 goals for St.Robert, and thus, setting a school record in the process.

The ladies are an inspiration to try something new and be successful at it, as many teammates were rookies when it came to organized hockey. We look forward to February 10, 2016 as the lady Rams will partake in playoffs. We thank all fans for their support in the season.

Please enjoy a video recap created by Phil Chin.