Social Justice

The Social Justice Council has planned many exciting goals and initiatives for the year! They are very pleased to announce that the two main projects for the year is the adoption of an Aboriginal School in Ontario and buying farm bundle packages with Free the Children.

Starting right off the bat in semester two, they sold pancakes on February 9th (Pancake Tuesday), to celebrate the beginning of Lent. Following this annual event, they will be diving right into ThinkFast during March (March 4th, 2016). Guest speakers from Development and Peace and Common Compass will join them! Afterwards, they will be hosting a Social Justice Week (March 7th  – March 11th). From fundraisers such as Movie Monday and a civvies day on Friday, they will also be playing Kahoot in the cafeteria! With all of these amazing initiatives planned for the upcoming semester, they are extremely excited to invite the school to come along for the ride!

The Social Justice Council is dedicated to raising awareness for the social justice issues that exist in our local and global communities. They hope to inspire and empower other individuals to make a difference!