Countries Compete for the Big Win

The World Cup has come to our school!! Not exactly, but this year’s soccer intramurals surely did. It was a season filled with exciting games, ending with Team Germany’s victorious win as champions last Friday, April 1.

The wins did not come easily, however. The soccer teams had to work their hardest during each and every game. Their determination truly paid off, as amazing teamwork and sportsmanship was seen from all players. For instance, Team Djibouti, a senior team made up of grade 12 students, definitely showed their hard work, as they had been dominating in their games and had gone undefeated. This brought them to the finals against Team Germany, another strong team with many players who made their mark on the school team. When the intense game came to a close, it was Team Germany who were victorious. Congratulations to Team Germany for being the 2016 Soccer Intramural Champions, and good work to all other teams!

Want to be part of this amazing tournament? Then don’t forget to sign up for the soccer intramurals next year!