Is Winter truly gone for good?

From snow to sunshine, Toronto has seen very drastic weather this April.  April is typically a month where we expect to see the beautiful, shining sun or adorable birds flying around. However, what we actually saw this month was snow. According to the CBC, Toronto received more snow in April than any other Winter month. This is the type of weather that we enjoy with a nice cup of hot chocolate, a dozen blankets, and the hope for snow days.  Although this sounds extremely appealing, it is also extremely inefficient. No one is prepared for such drastic change in weather, especially with the hats, boots, and jackets recently tucked away for spring.  Also, there is a high chance of slipping on ice or just getting snow in your running shoes.

Let us fast forward two weeks to today. With May quickly approaching,  we now see forecasts of sunny skies, 20 degree weather, and finally rain instead of flurries. However, the question remains, is winter truly gone for good?

Given the unpredictable weather we have seen this month, there is no simple answer as to whether winter is gone for good. Scientists have come up with many reasons to explain such bizarre weather in which there is a greater concern for the environment.  Thus, from seeing this year’s change in weather, we should all be more careful of what we do to the environment.  As well, we should seize the sunny days and hope that spring is here to stay.