Open Mic Night!

Espresso-self was an amazing night of expression through music, speeches, and dance, or as some would simply say, it was an open mic night!


Many students showed up to show their support for their peers, as well as the Social Justice Council who hosted this event. Students enjoyed pastries from Cobb’s bread and Wow Patisserie, Timbits and hot chocolate from Tim Hortons, and coffee supplied by Starbucks.


After enjoying those delicious refreshments, students made their way to the performances where they were able to enjoy various performances and videos from creators and artists such as Michael Lam and Dance Club. To finish the night off, Max Robson, a co-founder of Project 0 to 100, spoke about some Social Justice issues that our community faces every day. From the success of this night, the Social Justice Council hopes to continue this event next year!