Ode to Mother Earth

This year, St. Robert’s Environmental Club promoted environmental sustainability by hosting various activities during Earth Week, April 18-22. Activities such as the YCDSB Rock the Bike, GO GREEN Water Bottle Art, a Lights Out campaign, and a school grounds ‘clean-up’ session which yielded 82kg. of garbage was participated by all students around the school. 

Earth Week is a worldwide movement which originated in 1970 by university students and business leaders concerned about the state of the environment. Led by Philadelphia Senator Gaylord Nelson, millions of Americans demonstrated against oil spills, polluting factories, and much more.  When the rallies were over, the committee concluded that devoting only one day to the cause was insufficient; thus, Earth Week evolved.

Co-President of St. Robert’s Environmental Club, Jasmine Y., says, “If each person in this school were to realize all that they are capable of doing for our dying Earth, then taking even the smallest step of initiative will make a huge impact.”  A huge thanks goes to the Environmental Club for a successful week.