Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

The second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was a very intense discussion  to watch. But if one pays attention to their conversation, they can find some errors in their methods and strategies for debate. Most of the time Trump was avoiding, dodging questions and changing subjects, mostly related to ISIS and talking badly about Hillary. He would get defensive that the questioners wanted to move on and kept reminding him that his time was over. Another thing is that he would not even let Clinton finish what she had to say.

Even though Clinton may have been attempting to speak poorly about what Trump had done, she answered the questions completely and did not dodge a single one like Trump did.  Her tactics were very effective , smiling and showing a calm demenor while Trump was wabbling and moving side to side in most cases when it was her turn to speak.  This tactic demonstrated how calm and collected Clinton can be.
So it comes down to my very own conclusion , that Hilary Clinton, had the upper hand with this debate.
If you would like to watch this debate, here us the link to it :