Once Again, the Bill Goes Up

Our bills just seem to keep rising and rising, and this time, it’s the water and garbage bills.

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The price of garbage pickup rates increase for upcoming year.


For 2017, Toronto city staff is recommending residents pay 5 more cents for water and 3.9 more cents for garbage pickup. The prices are rising as these services provided by the city are primarily funded by users and not property taxes.

An increase in a few cents may not seem like much but in the long run, the rate increase would be surprising. The proposed water-rate increase would change the average residential bill from $914 a year to $960. Garbage bin collection rates will increase according to their respective sizes.

All these numbers seem ridiculous, however it might just be a good method in looking out for the environment. Councillor Gord Perks commented that “we want people to go to small bins — it saves us from having to landfill and it protects the environment. Why would you create a disincentive?”

The high prices will create incentives for people to decrease the amount of waste produced and switch to smaller bins to avoid the high costs of larger bins. It saves the job of having to dump everything somewhere and create more pollution. People may also be motivated to conserve the amount of water used, which does absolutely no harm.

By society’s current speed in burning limited resources, an increased bill will lead to more sustainable methods in protecting the environment and the future. Yes, if approved by the Council a new budget sounds like a burden, yet it will be effective in reminding everyone to take care of the environment that future generations will be living in.

Maybe price increases wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t turn a blind eye to wasting resources.

Who knows?