Music to Our Ears – The St. Robert Chapel Choir

Lead by our very own Mr. Chan, the St. Robert Chapel Choir never fails to provide beautiful music for the variety of events celebrated as a school community.  From school masses to regular morning prayers, the enchanting voices of the choir members heighten the experience for all to enjoy. It is without doubt that the choir makes a great contribution to the spirit and excitement of communal celebrations.  With new members joining every school year, Mr. Chan and his truly gifted ensemble continue to innovate and find unique ways to add flare to ordinary performances.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, the chapel choir is putting forth their best efforts to prepare. Staff and students look forward to their performance in the upcoming school mass, which follows a performance at St. Luke’s Catholic Church.  Members of the choir are delighted to have the opportunity to provide music to the community. “The Choir gives me a chance to reconnect with God and gives me time to think about life through singing. It is a great way to clear your head of the stresses of everyday life.  Joining choir has brought positive change into my life”, says Ethan Lowe, a grade 11 member of the choir.  The community greatly appreciates the efforts of St. Robert’s chapel choir and looks forward to their future performances.