St Robert’s Debaters Prep for the Upcoming Pro-Con tournament.


St Robert’s debate team members are heading to Brebeuf college on November 26th 2016 to present two arguments about the debate be it resolved that: There should be no permanent positions in the UN Security Council. In preparation, the debate team will be presenting mock debates. Debaters will be actively participating in this Pro-Con tournament in an attempt to qualify for championships. They have come for team meetings in order to construct strong arguments for both pros and cons to the resolutions, along with well thought out lines of questions and cross examinations. Debates are held at room 219 every Wednesday, however, the schedule changes the week before the debate in preparation. One day of each week is set aside so that all debaters from all levels can present and practice in a mock debate before the competition. It is optional for other debaters to come the day they are not presenting, to offer comments and advice and to learn to improve themselves.  Every debate win is attained with a full team effort.

The St. Robert’s Debate Team has been working very hard and performed well consistently with the help and support from everyone. The St. Robert Debate Team is about accepting opinions and stating perspectives. Senior Debater Armon Shahnavazy stated, “I feel very much accepted and at home being in Debate Club as we are a tight knit group. It’s like a family”. Other students on the team have also mentioned how they are grateful to have the opportunity to work with people who have similar passions. These debaters have shown commitment and passion for their work. Debate allows students to have a voice and gain confidence within themselves in standing for what they believe, and to discuss topics they find interesting or support. Senior debater Jessie Chung commented that, “Joining debate was the best decision [she] made in high school.  Not only has debate allowed [her] to develop [her] public speaking and critical thinking skills, but it also encourages [her] to stay well-read on current issues.” St Robert’s Debate Team has not only brought pride to the school, but to themselves as well.