Meet Your Reporters- Eirini Abadeer

Ahlan, Hola, yo! My name is Eirini Abadeer from my unique name that has been auto corrected countless times you may be able to tell that I’m not originally from Canada. I’m from Sudan and I’m also currently in grade 12, although I still can’t believe that I am. In my spare time, I like to watch shows like “Doctor Who”, “How to Get Away with Murder”, “Gilmore Girls”.  I like to read about fantasies, inspirational speakers and figures, and I have found a new interest in books that support women’s empowerment. I love music from all time periods, from almost all genres, and Beyonce will forever be in many of my playlists. I have participated in multiple clubs like Debate, Outreach, ESP and I have also participated in the school play. I enjoy exploring new interests and I’m looking into majoring in English or Art. I’m currently taking an interest in art, because I love to create. When making art, or reading and writing stories and poetry, I love how I can transport myself and one day others to a different reality. I find it fulfilling to help others. I believe that that all people have no limits in doing what they want to do in life. My hope is to help others in everything I will end up doing in the future, and in everything I am doing now.  I volunteer, donate, and try to spread good vibes. I want to make a mark in the world, or at least help and inspire people through my journey in life. So that’s basically me! Yalla, bye!