The Soccer Intramurals 2016-2017 Journey!

It’s here again. This year, the amazing St. Robert Soccer Intramurals was hosted yet again and after weeks of competing, one team was victorious. Here is the journey of this year’s Soccer Intramurals.

After weeks of competition, only 8 teams remained. They were the ones who competed in the exciting quarterfinals last Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016; the game where eight became four.

In the end, the winner of each of the four games moved on. Team Canada, O.P., Turkey, and Portugal advanced, with team Canada scoring an impressive six goals during their game. These four teams demonstrated a great sense of spacing, passing and communication, which contributed to their success.

A player on team China commented on her soccer intramural experience after the quarter finals: “It was a really fun experience. All the teams did a really good job, and during the games I saw that teamwork was key. I’m looking forward to next year’s soccer intramurals.”

Immediately following the quarterfinals, the semi finals game occurred on Thursday, November 24th, which determined the two teams that advanced to the finale; Team Canada and Team Portugal.

On Thursday, December 1st, both teams played phenomenally, but Team Canada came out on top.  Congratulations.