Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week



During the week of November 25, 2016, Empowered Student Partnerships (ESP) lead the school in their annual Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week.

Throughout the week, ESP organized and executed various initiatives to promote inclusivity and anti-bullying. These initiatives included playing inspirational videos, which spoke about different celebrities who have been bullied in the past, a kahoot game in the cafeteria, running an information booth to spread awareness about bullying, as well as informing students about methods of preventing bullying. In addition, ESP had placed numerous amounts of sticky notes on lockers around the school, each containing an inspirational message that promotes happiness, positivity, and self-esteem.

ESP meets every Thursday after school in room 223, and hosts various events, like this one, that promote the general well-being of everyone throughout the year. Lydia Lau, the president of ESP, says that the goal of the club is to “spread happiness and inclusivity around the school as well as raising awareness on different types of issues inside and outside of school” – an admirable mission statement to combat the prevalence of bullying in Canada. According to STOP A BULLY, a Canadian charity that also doubles as an nation-wide anti-bullying program, one in seven Canadian children aged 11 to 16 are victims of bullying. 

True to their goal, ESP’s successful promotion of bullying prevention has added a touch of positivity to our school and brightened our day. Way to go ESP.