Female Hockey Players Prove Their Value

Kelsie Koelzer                                              Sarah Nurse


Women rights, gender equality, and feminism are all different terms to say women need to have a say in society ;the female national hockey team is proving just that.

In June, 2016, Kelsie Koelzer from Princeton hockey team was selected to join National Women’s Hockey League. She is the first Native-American to be taken No. 1 by a top-tier North American professional hockey league. Following her success, Sarah Nurse, also a minority race, joined the second round into the national team. Despite the girls’ success, they had been through some tough times.

Kelsie Koelzer comes from a single income household and her mother could barely cover the cost of her necessary hockey equipment. Koelzer had used second-hand equipment most of her childhood and enjoyed every minute of it. In addition to their gender, their race also became an obstacle to their career. “I really do take pride in the fact that I could be a mentor and a model for other young girls, to see it really is possible if you put the work in no matter your situation or where you’re from.” Koelzer, responded to the New York Times about serving as a role model for young minority hockey players.

Many people still aren’t comfortable or seem to take a couple more glances their way. This doesn’t discourage the girls though as being the minority of a group allows them to prove their value and show people what they’re made of. These girls serve as great examples to encourage other girls, whether they be native-american or of any other ethnicity, to follow your dreams. Hard work may not always result in a bright future but if you don’t try, you’ll never make it.