St Robert’s Music Department Performs at the Christmas Concert


Eirini Abadeer                                                                                                                                                                                           (STAFF REPORTER)

On Tuesday, December 20, 2016, the annual St. Robert Catholic Highschool Christmas concert was held in the school’s gym, and the music students performed many songs, lead by the two music teachers, Mrs. Faccinni and Mr. Digerolimo. The concert was originally scheduled for Thursday, December 15th, 2016, but had been pushed to Tuesday, December 20th due to severe weather conditions.

The purpose of the concert was to allow students to express themselves and for audience members to come together to enjoy the harmonizing sounds of the St. Robert CHS music department, who had been developing their techniques and skills since the beginning of September.

With the guidance of Mrs. Faccini and Mr. Digerolimo, the students’ progress, dedication, and work ethic made the Christmas concert a success. From classical music to the best of Glee, to the award-winning broadway musical Les Miserables, the set up for the concert was entertaining and familiar which worked to excite the crowd. The audience members consisting of staff, students, and parents were very supportive and enthusiastic. The student hosts also helped to elevate the energy of the concert with many comical puns and jokes.                                                                 In preparation, student volunteers had set up chairs and seating arrangements the day before. Additionally, Mr. Lothian’s tech group assisted in setting up the light and sound systems.

Due to the hard work and passion of the students and staff, and the support of the audience members, the Christmas concert this year was undoubtfully a wonderful success.