Night Flyers: Off to a Flying Start


Sissi Guo (9) | STAFF REPORTER

On January 16, 2017, St. Robert’s Night Flyers Ski Club went on their very first trip of the school year to Horseshoe Valley where they enjoyed an evening – and night- of skiing on the variety of hills the resort offers.

Katherine Guo, a grade nine student commented on the trip. She said, “It was a great experience making new friends, and having so much freedom skiing. The most enjoyable part for me was when we would all sit and talk on the lifts.” She also commented that it was cool to ski at night but the dark made it more difficult to see and tell the depth of the hills.

Ms. Coda, a gym teacher at St. Robert who takes part in the trips to Horseshoe Valley, said that this ski club is great for students who like the sport and being outdoors. As well, she explained that the Night Flyers Ski Club is not just about the sport of skiing. “I think it’s also a good social experience where you can meet and talk to new people.”

The Night Flyers Ski Club, with members from all four grades, meet every Friday, leaving school at 2:10 pm and returning at 10:30 pm after hours of skiing. The name Night Flyers is exactly what the club is about; the experience of skiing at night, and the feeling of flight while skiing.