How to Cope with Exams

Before high school, life was easy; school was undemanding and victories were facile (you know what I’m talking about, remember gym class?). Now, the community at St. Robert Catholic High school is faced with extremes amount of pressure everyday, especially near exams.  Don’t fear, you can still keep your mental health while rocking those exams.

One of the most effective tips to reducing stress is aroma therapy. Head out to your local store and oils, lotions, and room sprays with therapeutic scents such as “Thai Jasmine” can be found anywhere. Simply sniffing the scents or using the lotion as a hand cream during your study breaks can make or break your stress levels. If you have the time, it is definitely effective alongside a nice bubble bath.

Secondly, breaks can help so, so, so much. Overworking your brain can be counterintuitive, listen to your body when it screams “Alert! Alert! In need of rest!” I suggest taking a 15 minute break every 45 minutes- an hour, whether it be jamming out to your favourite music, taking a quick nap, or having a small, healthy snack. Taking care of your body mentally and physically can help you retain your information and allows you to be more focused when you do study.

Reward systems can be an awesome way to make studying exams way more fun and can be used as a major incentive (make sure to plan your study schedule beforehand!). After accomplishing a small milestone, treat yourself with small positive reinforcements such as chocolate, a brisk walk, watching for 30 minutes, or whatever floats your boat.

Fourthly, visualize success. When feeling overwhelmed, take 5 minutes out of your day and picture yourself doing well on your exam/s. Imagine the happiness, relief and accomplishment you’ll feel once it’s over. This motivation will help you get through your hectic schedule with a positive and hardworking mindset. If this does not work, listening to short motivational speeches can help (which can be found on YouTube).

Lastly, study early. I cannot stress this enough. Procrastination is a one way ticket to anxiety, lack of sleep, poor appetite and sleep. When you do everything on time, you’ll be able to feel confident and relaxed almost the whole way through.