Should I Write That Down?

Congrats, you’re almost there. Soon enough, one whole semester will end and you can finally exhale. But uh-oh, you have exams, the dreaded exam season. How are you supposed to process 4 months of information in an entire week or less? Not to fear, these awesome study tips will get you that A in no time.

  1. Re-do your old tests.

Practicing your tests from a certain course can refuel your brain to absorb the content and allow you to realize how much you know about that particular topic. This can also give hints on what the exam will be like and can help you study for what’s most important.

2. Use flow charts and diagrams.

Flow charts, formula sheets, and any diagram can help you revise your notes. Getting all your ideas down and highlighting the key points can allow you to understand your subject much better. This also reduces study time as everything is condensed into a couple of pages.

3. Use Post-it Notes.

If you are not keen on taking notes, use post-it notes to write down key points from your textbook and then stick them onto the page. This saves a lot of paper and can help you learn the concepts and information faster. The night before the exam, you can save yourself time to revise as you can skip reading information that you may not need.

4.  Study When Sleepy.

When studying shortly before your night’s rest, the brain strengthens new memories. Therefore, there is a greater chance of you being able to remember what you’ve learned the night before.

5. Spaced Repetition.

Break up information into small chunks and consistently review them everyday. This can help to absorb information in great detail without adding the unnecessary stress. For example, instead of memorizing the whole entire French Revolution in one day, learn a few points every day and review each before starting something new.