Is Demi Lovato a Racist? (Donna Lee, Grade 11)

On February 24, “Camp Rock” pop star Demi Lovato drew criticism after posting the results of her DNA test, proving she was 1% African.

The American singer claimed to critics that she never posted her DNA test to offend anyone.

“Just thought it was cool and totally random. Some of y’all are mean af. Twitter sucks.” Lovato later tweeted after reading scrutinizing comments from her followers.

One twitter-user typed: “African twitter does not claim you,”

Many others went along with the feud, adding satire by referencing the film “Mean Girls”- “so if you’re from Africa…. why are you white?”

“The only thing she’s good at is causing controversy. I’m out,” someone tweeted.

Lovato’s original post of her test was retweeted 6,200 times and favourited 27,000 times.

Despite her claim that “Twitter sucks.”, she returned to the social networking site shortly after, thanking fans for her 2017 GRAMMY nomination.