Arts Week at STR


During the week of February 13th to February 17th, 2017, St.Robert Catholic high school held the annual Arts Week event. Thanks goes out to Arts Council for planning this spectacular week and introducing different strands of the arts, such as Photography and Music, to the students.

Throughout Arts week, buttons and magnets were sold, with proceeds going towards developing the school’s art program. In addition to the buttons and magnets, on Tuesday and Wednesday, students were able to get air brush tattoos, observe ceramic demonstrations, which ultimately helped generate students’ interests towards the arts.

Music day occurred on Thursday, celebrating music and it’s incredible influence on others, with the band performing during all three lunches. Finally, putting an amazing end to Arts week, it was Drama Day, on Friday. Videos made by drama enthusiasts put a smile on students’ faces during all three lunches in the cafeteria. Thanks to all of the students’ contribution, Arts Council raised $180.50.

The effort and time that Arts Council put into developing Arts week is surely appreciated. Arts Week was an amazing and successful week, igniting the students’ passion for the Arts.