Mahraeel Tadros (11) CREATIVE WRITER 

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Drip. Drip. Drip. The sun’s morning light dawned with the sound of rain and the gloom of ash-grey clouds.

From my bed, I stared out my open third-storey dorm window at the empty streets below. I had forgotten to close it  the night before.

I had woken up early – maybe too early for a Saturday morning.

As I considered going back to sleep for at least another half-hour, a strange sound caught my attention. Click, Caw. Click, Caw.

An oddly gleaming bird perched on my windowsill. I had never seen a blue-beaked bird before. I began to regret having left the window open as I imagined the bird going wild in the cramped dorm. A sharp, sober voice snapped me out of my musing.

Good morning”, it said stoically.

Confused, I glanced at the other bed to check if my roommate had awoken. As I had expected, she was still sound asleep. Feeling uneasy, I decided to shake it off by getting on with my day. As I sat up to get out of bed, I heard an odd click, caw.

The bird was still there – I had assumed it had flown away. I glared at the silly thing, wishing it would fly away, and drown in a puddle somewhere. As if to unnerve me more, it hopped closer.

Good morning”, came the voice again, as dispassionate as before.

This time, the source of the voice was unmistakably clear – it was the bird.

Do you have any food to spare?