Meet Your Reporters – Qail Keshavjee

My name is Qail Keshavjee, and I was born in Markham, Ontario on June 1st, 2002, which makes me a grade 10 at St. Robert Catholic High School.

Besides being a reporter for The Axiom, I am a part of one other club at St. Robert, the other being Student Athletic Council. It is my second year being apart of SAC. Being in SAC, I have gotten more familiar with St. Robert as a school, whether it’s the students or even events than go on and this in turn will help me with writing various athletic articles for the Axiom.

In terms of my interests, I’m an avid fan of a variety of sports. While sports takes up a large part of my interests, I also enjoy a good math problem every now and then, as I find them challenging and fascinating. Other than my many remaining interests, this is basically my life in a nutshell.