Meet Your Reporter: Simon Yu

OHey. I was named Wenzhe Yu, but to spare you from having to pronounce that, my English name is Simon. This is my first year as a reporter for The Axiom, as well as my first year as a student at St. Robert.

I also have a sister in grade12. I firmly believe in freedom of speech, which is why I joined The Axiom. I’m typically very stubborn with my own opinions, but also enjoy playing devil’s advocate, and as such would like to hear other opinions on topics I will be writing about.

Whenever I need help focusing on my work, I usually turn to music, usually alternative rock bands like OZMA and occasionally Weezer. Outside of school, I enjoy playing video games, but I prefer the stealth genre. Some of my favorites come from the “Dishonored” franchise.

I like to occasionally be crafty and make things from foam, cardboard, paper, or anything cheap enough I can use and not feel guilty about wasting afterward. Because of this and my fondness of sunflower seeds, my room is usually very messy and hard to move in.

That’s practically everything you really need to know about me; my interests, my lifestyle, and my thoughts behind joining the Axiom.