Arts Education In Trouble

The arts are very beneficial to all students.

Emma Sood (11) | STAFF REPORTER

Recently, there has been an average decrease in arts education in Ontario.

The arts are abstract, and their benefits are not always given priority over classes such as mathematics or science. However, that does not discredit or devalue their importance for students.  

Many studies have revealed that the arts help with creativity. The arts, in all of its mediums, are a part of our everyday life and culture. It is arguably the easiest way to connect people, and it opens almost everyone to new ways of thinking or seeing the world. Thus, we are connected through art and it is important that students learn to understand, analyze, and appreciate the thought behind it.

A report done by the People for Education mentioned that educating the youth with arts is crucial to their development of cognitive, social, and emotional well-being. It develops their ability for complex thinking as there is never a definitive solution.

Listening to music, painting, or any other form of art is a very good outlet for channeling stress. Rose Talebi (11), agrees with this opinion, “Art helps me by acting as a destresser. As a student, everyday studies are full of science and math. Art is an outlet for freedom because it has no right and wrong. I find that art helps me immensely in terms of creativity; the possibilities are endless.”

The arts are a universal way to connect people all around the world. There should be no excuse to deprive students the opportunity to learn more about art, music, or drama. The purpose of education is to help create a more informed youth for the future, and thus, an emphasis on the arts must be placed.