In Memory of Charles Yu, 永遠懷念

Charles Yu, 于皓冰, passed away on September 21, 2014 due to a tragic accident in a parking lot near Warden Ave. and 14th Ave.  Charles was an amazing student, friend and son and his passing marks a great loss to our community. He was a smart and hardworking student and ever since he was little, he had big dreams of becoming a doctor and helping others. For all of us who knew Charles, we shared amazing times with him – through all the highs and lows in life. He was always a happy person, and he never failed to make his friends laugh and live everyday with a smile on his face.

We will always remember you, Charles.

于皓冰, Charles Yu, 在九月二十一日因意外车祸而去世。车祸发生在Warden 和 14街附近的停车场。当时所有的朋友都在为三个女生庆祝生日。然而这场车祸却成为了在场所有人的噩梦。他的离开对我们的学校是一个巨大的损失。Charles 对我们来说是一个很好的朋友也是一个很好的学生。我们总是和Charles一起分享所有的欢乐和不快,他总是给我们很多很好的意见,陪伴我们度过所有的难关。他在的时候每一天都是非常开心的,他是我们之间的开心果,每天都能让我们欢笑。他十分重視他的家人和朋友。他也是一个很聪明很努力的学生而且和老师跟同学的关系非常的好。雖然他很年輕但他有一个很大的梦想,他想成为一名医生去帮助更多的人。