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  • Boston Bound!

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    Senior band is well underway into the second semester and with just a few months until the school year ends; they’re making the most of their time! With all the time and effort they’ve put into practicing and performing at the Christmas concert, OBA and Music Alive, their journey still continues.… Read the rest

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  • The Women’s Empowerment Club

    The Women’s Empowerment Club is the newest addition to the eclectic collection of clubs at St. Robert. Its mission is to challenge the traditional view of women in society and to promote female empowerment. Ranging from gender equality to women’s rights, their mindset is to create a balanced society in which men and women are equal.… Read the rest

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  • Social Justice

    The Social Justice Council has planned many exciting goals and initiatives for the year! They are very pleased to announce that the two main projects for the year is the adoption of an Aboriginal School in Ontario and buying farm bundle packages with Free the Children.… Read the rest