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  • Arts Week

    Throughout the week of February 8th, 2016, Arts Council had reached out to the students by holding the yearly event: arts week.

    On each day of the week, they held various special events. They created painting sessions and booths showing different ways in which students could express their creativity.… Read the rest

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  • Welcome Artists!

    Erin Y.

    Let me present this year’s newspaper artists, a group of dedicated, creative and amazing people who work hard to bring more vibrancy and colours to our school community. Best wishes for all!

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  • Sight

    Benny Z.

    Most of us are lucky enough to be gifted with sight, our ability to see. However it is often interesting to see how differently we see, we perceive and we interpret different things. Our creative artists have presented to us their vision of sight in this prompt, providing us their own unique perspective.… Read the rest

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  • Spirit

    La Muerte Hermosa by Alison Y.

    This prompt was inspired by Halloween. Influenced by the day full of spirits (pun intended), our artists had come up with their own creative interpretation of the word “Spirit”. Several artists also resolved to create music pieces for this event. Enjoy!… Read the rest

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  • Hope and Strength

    Leanne L.

    This prompt was inspired by Remembrance  Day on November 11th, when we come together to remember those who have striven for our safety and freedom, regardless of the obstacles and risks in front of them. We have been through a lot of ups and downs in our life; and what brings us together and motivates us to continue this journey is our hope in the future.… Read the rest

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  • Silence

    Maggie W.

    This prompt was inspired by Anti-bullying week. Silence is not a sign a defeat, but a sign of protest. Silence is the best way to let someone know that they did wrong. There is an immense power and a great message in silence.… Read the rest

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  • Ram’s Design Club

    Have you ever wondered who made the banner at the annual grade nine dance? Members of the Ram’s Design Club come together to plan and create these posters using both digital and traditional design elements.

    Aline N., a student in grade nine and member of the Ram’s Design Club, says she looks forward to her weekly Design Club meetings.… Read the rest