Mr. Wonderful’s not so wonderful decision to run for Conservative leader


Kevin O’Leary


“The nation of Canada announced today that it is officially beginning work on a remake of a very unpopular American horror/drama where an entitled male reality television show character with dangerously high blood pressure suddenly decides he’d like to run for the highest office in his country for no other reason than to amass more personal wealth and status,” a CBC comedy article read earlier this week after Kevin O’Leary entered the Conservative Leadership race.

O’Leary, is a Canadian house-hold name thanks to his roles on the reality business TV shows, Shark Tank and Dragons Den, where he plays the self-absorbed and unsympathetic “role” of a successful business man. As a successful businessman, and reality TV star who does not possess any political experience, and has a record of speaking his mind, saying some terribly outrageous things in doing so, the Trump comparisons are inevitable. But is O’Leary really the Canadian Donald Trump?

CBC opinion writer Robyn Urback does not believe so, stating that O’Leary is too boring to be Canada’s Trump. His platform remains almost equivalent to that of other Conservative candidates. The only thing O’Leary has going for him: The media’s constant Trump comparisons.

Heretofore, one might have found it blatantly obvious that one known for their dedicated devotion of making money, inexperience in politics and inappropriate diction is not fit to hold office.

Canada’s dedication to multiculturalism, multi-party democracy and liberal values of welfare and health-care are strong. The question is, are they strong enough to protect us from a Mr. Wonderful prime ministry?

First, let’s see if he can learn to speak French.