Poland Vs. Russia: What Really Happened in 2010?

Back in 2010, there were reports of the death of the Polish President’s death by a plane crash in Russia. The incident was, according to Polish Persecutors, ‘ Was caused by two Russian air traffic controllers and a third Russian official in the control tower and that through their contributions were what caused the accidents’. A bold claim on their part, however if not backed up by further investigation and analysis in 2017.

Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately rejected the claims; but unfortunately worsen the ties between Poland and Russia. Polish investigators mentioned ‘ they want to question the men and cannot reveal details about the evidence until it happens.’

According to news reporters, the disaster happened when the Polish crew tired to land in heavy fog in a rarely used airport in Russia. Unfortunately,the plane crashed on a tree during it’s approach to the runway and crashed.


The case has not only weaken the ties of Poland and Russia, but also became a high political issue in Poland itself. It put Liberal Poles against the Conservative supporters Kaczynski and his twin brother Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who was a former prime minister and is now heads the populist ruling Law and Justice Party.

Jaroslaw suggested the Russian President and Polish prime minister at the time, Donald Tusk to bear guilt for the incident. Kaczynski and his allies have suggested that Putin was behind the ‘assassination’ of the Polish leader with the belief that there was an explosive device on board and were very critical of Russia.

Others suggest that Tusk as a prime minister failed to provide the appropriate security for the flight and did not properly investigate the tragedy and the wreckage of the plane, even though they remain in Russia almost seven years after the incident. With this accusation, the Polish defense minister sent a note to the military prosecutors blaming Tusk of ‘committing the crime of diplomatic treason alleging his work with Putin to harm Poland’s interests after the crash’

Though Tusk strongly disagrees with the accusation, many conspiracy theories have begun to arise about his work and it’s relation to Russia.

Overall, there were two investigations done, one by each of the nations. Polish investigators blamed the disaster on different factors, including bad weather, errors made by a pilot who was not properly trained in flight and Russian air traffic controllers gave incorrect and confusing landing instructions to the pilots; yet even with all of these details, it managed to stop short of a claim of international wrong doing.

On the other hand, Russian investigation put ALL the blame on the Poles, and going as far as mentioning that nothing was wrong with the air traffic controllers.

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Though each have a certain view of the incident, the argument is more likely to be won by Poland. Poland gave some examples of incidents that could have taken place during the crash, but also mention what the outcome prevented. They don’t put all the blame on Russia, they mention that there might have been errors in the procedure, but overall, a somewhat acceptable outcome preventing further disruption and disputes.

Russia on the other hand claimed that they had no fault in the crash. This claim is not supported by any detail .; they just put all the blame on Poland simply because of procrastination and lack of interest to properly investigate the situation. Instead of trying to find a compromise and looking at the outcome, the bigger picture, they simply put their focus on where to put the blame. They don’t accept the accusations, yet they don’t deny them either.