Teens and Technology

The evolution of technology has made our lives not only easier but maybe, a little lazier as well. I’m sure we hear people saying “lol, brb, ttyl” but as much as we understand these acronyms, is it really considered English? Aside from texting broken English, it is also quite popular to text someone right across the table. This will surely become a habit and possibly lower socializing skills. Many teens use their smartphones to go on social media. This happens ALL the time; whether they are at school or at a family gathering, you can find them staring at their phone screen. Texting, social media, and video games are easily accessible. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram are only a few examples of the more popular social media apps. Although these apps seem extremely safe, it does strip the amount of privacy for each individual. Though, it is not without its negativities, technology is making our lives much more efficient. Laptops are efficient for bringing to school and the internet has certainly made it easier to search homework answers. Newspapers and books are getting more and more popular on-line. So popular that they invented Kindle devices; it is very tempting to carry an entire library on a small little device.  Not only can you communicate with fictional characters but it is also much easier to talk to people in different states and countries.