Getting to the Heart of the Matter


Love …countless songs, books, and poems have been written on the subject.  It is the one emotion that can make you feel elated or it can catapult you into the depths of despair.  Love is a deep feeling of personal attachment to another – ‘personal’ being the operative word.   So why do we let a 5th Century Roman ritual such as Valentine’s Day dictate how or when we should demonstrate our love for one another?


The billion dollar card, chocolate, and floral industries hit the figurative jackpot every February 14  as millions of people exchange symbols of love like the long stemmed red roses which are exchanged at St. Robert leading up to the big day.  There is something endearing about taking the time to remind that special someone that they are cherished.  Is that such a bad thing given the negative state of the world?

Erin Y.
Erin Y.

Telling someone that they are appreciated is the most basic of human emotions and it reminds us that deep down, we are connected.  With that being said, let’s get to the heart of the matter…Happy Valentine’s Day St. Robert!