Honouring Terry Fox: 36th Annual Terry Fox Run

On the morning of Friday October 7th, the students and staff of St. Robert went out to carry on Terry’s legacy, and support his foundation by taking part in the annual Terry Fox Run.

For the past week, classes showed their devoting effort to the fundraising event by raising thousands of dollars toward the Terry Fox Foundation. Keeping alive Terry’s dream of finding a cure for cancer , St. Robert managed to donate an impressive amount to the Terry Fox Foundation.

On the day of the run, students and staff  poured out of the school into the warm fall air, and onto the sidewalks. The 5 kilometer trail was decked with engaging signs that lifted up spirits and encouraged students as they directed the way. Even treats and drinks were sold at the new “Fuber” stations. Students participating in the annual Turkey Trot ran the route. The winners were as follows. Juniors: Natascha L. and Roshan S. Seniors: AJ M. and Joyce Z.

St. Robert was able to show true school spirit and dedication once again through this inspiring event, which raises awareness of a greater cause affecting many.

The Starting Line (Leanna Lui) Run for a Cause (Daniel Li)