Trump University?

Tiffany Chu (10) Reporter

Many students are looking at universities or colleges by grade eleven, and yet, there are just so many to choose from. MacMaster, Queen’s, Ryerson, and McGill are all amazing schools but one I wouldn’t suggest is Trump University.

Everyone wants a professor who either teaches well or gives easy marks, but definitely not one who has been fined for having aliases. A couple, who go by the names Dave Ravindra and Rita Bahadur, taught Trump courses in Canada. They have filed for personal bankruptcy at least four times since 2001; twice by him, and twice by her. Public documents lists at least nine different names for the couple, mainly different combinations of their first, middle and last names.

Additionally, the couple organized real-estate seminars in multiple Canadian provinces where they provided false information concerning the use of investor funds and urged people to invest, promising fixed annual returns of at least 10 percent. The couple ended up with a fine of over a million dollars and lost a real estate license. Are these the professors you would like to be taught by?