Espresso Talent at St. Robert CHS




On Friday, April 21st, the St. Robert Social Justice Council was proud to host their second annual Espresso-Self coffee house. The night featured a wide variety of student performances, ranging from free-spoken poetry to hip-hop dancing.

For $10 a ticket, students of St. Robert CHS had the opportunity to indulge in delicious pastries and coffee-house beverages while enjoying the entertainment.

All proceeds from the event went towards the construction of wells in third-world countries.

“The night was perfect; the treats were incredible and the performances were stunning. We were so grateful for the turnout. It’s truly amazing to see everyone come together for a night of fun and relaxation” explains Karen, an executive member of the council.

The night focused on many social justice issues, such as war, and touched upon the importance of mental health awareness and assistance in the community. Due to the great success of this year’s event, the Social Justice Council plans on hosting many more Espresso-Self events in years to come.