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  • Senior Girls Basketball Team Update


    The St. Robert Senior Girls Basketball team has been hitting the court almost everyday, and that practice has been paying off. As last year’s Senior Girls Basketball Team brought home the Tier 2 Championship for the 2014 season, the expectations for this year have been set high and the girls have been on route to victory.… Read the rest

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  • Teens and Technology

    The evolution of technology has made our lives not only easier but maybe, a little lazier as well. I’m sure we hear people saying “lol, brb, ttyl” but as much as we understand these acronyms, is it really considered English? Aside from texting broken English, it is also quite popular to text someone right across the table.Read the rest

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  • LGBT Week at St. Robert


    For a week in March, St. Robert celebrated LGBT week, in order to show support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.  For the special week, the LGBT club hosted a variety of events outside of the cafeteria.  Events included a photo shoot with celebrities involved with the LGBT scene, such as Ellen Degeneres.  … Read the rest